DoubleLar Artist Biography

Ryan Robinson, professionally known as
DoubleLar, was born in Houston, TX in 1987. For 10+ years, he has worked in Houston, TX, being best known for realism portraits, murals, and abstract work. Today, he is driven and inspired by sustainability, social reform, and peace. Ryan's most used mediums are fabric, and mixed media such as DVD/CD covers, luxury packaging, and specialty paper. Over the years, Ryan has been selected to participate in several group art shows that have showcased his body of work. Ryan has also been a featured artist in 2 publications. Additionally, Ryan has accumulated private collectors in Texas and California. From the start of his art career, Ryan knew this was his purpose; although he is self-taught, art is what has fueled him and what has allowed him to express his limitless creativity. Pressing forward, Ryan is learning by doing, studying, and dissecting tradition to artistically execute his work in a unique and unorthodox manner.

 With my art, I like to focus on sustainability and social and cultural issues to deliver thought provoking and empowering messages. After undergoing a creative rebirth since the announcement of Covid-19, shifted gears with my art discipline and turned towards a method that allowed me to feel more innovative and liberated. Presently, I am developing a body a work dubbed “Paper Works,” that has amassed over 20 pieces. The process of creating what is “Paper Works” includes layering a canvas with paper materials and other malleable materials to be carved out to spell out words and sayings that align with the theme of the piece. Ultimately, my goal is to create a full body of work that is bold, distinctive, and that brings awareness to pertinent issues in our communities and in the world.